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Handango Inc.

Mobile Device Developers - Online Group

Welcome to one of the largest mobile developer focused web sites around. Designed as topic portal, you will find here an expanding collection of important links to a virtual warehouse of knowledge on programming topics covering mobile and other various device types and specialty platforms. There are many sections to this site, and they often cover the entire life cycle of software application development from the ramping up and learning phases, to the planning and design of solutions right through to the marketing and selling of your software products through online application stores.

Explore the major topic areas listed in the menu on the left side of the page to drill into the various different device types, software platforms or coding specialties. If you are looking for new work opportunities or maybe to hire developer resources be sure to check out the Job Ops section.

Silverlight User Groups

Is there a Silverlight User Group in your area? Check out the list of Silverlight User Groups that we know about so far to see if there are any groups meeting in your area or perhaps one for you interact with online.

If you run a Silverlight User Group that is not on our list please let us know. Mobidogs.


Zune pass 14 day trial

If you are looking for some free tunes to pass the time while coding, you can get a free 14 day Microsoft Zune Pass that will give you a trial go at the zune library on your Windows Phone 7 device as well as your PC, Xbox 360 or Zune HD.


Beta version of Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools released.

Some Silverlight developers are excited about the idea of getting their hands wet playing with the development of their first mobile application. Do experienced mobile developers share the same excitement about the latest beta release of Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools? According to Infoworld, maybe not. Read what they had to say…


Mix 10

Mix sessions confirm some of the Windows Phone 7 dev rumours

Updates to the Mix 10 conference site today confirm some of the leaked details about what developers will see in the new WP7 Series platform. Check out the newly posted session titles and descriptions and you will notice a heavy emphasis on Silverlight, XNA, Windows Phone Marketplace, game development and even mention of high performance 3D game development in XNA. Also worth noting is the sponsor page where Windows Phone is listed as the one and only Platinum Sponsor for the event… hmm I wonder what that might imply?


Windows Phone 7 Leaks

Windows Phone OS 7.0 Rumours

For those mobile developers who are anxious to hear what the new Microsoft mobile developer platform has in store but don’t want to wait until the MIX conference, here are a few leaks to help hold you over.


Change in directions

Pocket Gear acquires Handango

As Microsoft finally moves in the direction of providing its own distribution channel for mobile applications, a surprise twist of fate has Pocket Gear aquiring their once influential online distribution competitor Handango.


Windows Phone 7

Mobile developers prep for a reset

Windows Phone 7 was announced by Steve Ballmer during his Mobile World Congress 2010 keynote address. The glimpse provided during the presentation featured Zune and Xbox elements in the revamped mobile device user interface. Developers will have to wait until Mix 10 in March to hear about the details of the new platform and the changes to the developer tools and eco system. It sounds like change is finally coming, will it be too little too late?


Windows Mobile RIP

Windows Mobile put to rest

As of February 18, 2010 Microsoft has asked Mobile2Market partners to discontinue use of the Windows Mobile logo. The program and all benefits associated to it have been discontinued. The Windows Mobile catalogue and partners points associated with the program are gone as well.


Launch into the future of embedded devices.

If devices of all sorts, communicating with each other interest you and if you didn’t catch the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 launch, then you may want to check out the archived web cast of the event. Kevin Dallas helps explain the new features of the R2 release of CE 6.0. Devices of the near future are going to expose and consume services in cool new ways and CE now has support to enable more robust device automation in the home and at work. Check out the slick launch presentation that is both informative and entertaining.



Chance to Connect and Shape the Future of Windows Mobile for Developers?

It often seems like developers don’t really matter in the grander scheme of things when it comes to the Windows Mobile platform. The device OEMs, mobile operators and carriers seem to be the real object of Microsoft’s affection when it comes to influencing the shape of Windows Mobile. After that, the enterprise and even the consumer customers seem to be next in line for Microsoft’s ear. This of course is rather a-typical of how Microsoft originally found success. Windows originally found traction in the marketplace due to Microsoft’s astute strategy of putting great effort into enabling the developers and partners in the echo system and building them a great developer platform. This led to the huge selection of applications that would run on Windows machines and when users wanted to run those Windows applications they in turn would end up adopting the Windows platform. With Windows Mobile however… not so much. Maybe some of that (although I doubt all of it) is about to change. There is now a new area on Microsoft Connect that allows developers to submit and vote on developer focused Windows Mobile feature requests. Check out the page and follow the instructions closely. Once inside the Microsoft Connect site you need to select Available Connections from the menu and then scroll way down the list until you see Windows Mobile Developer Experience near the bottom.


Windows Mobile sightings North of the Border!

The Windows Mobile scene in Canada has historically lagged behind that of the US, however in the last while some of the Canadian carriers can be seen distributing the occasional Windows Mobile device that was not already being discontinued in the States. Well now not only has the Canadian dollar risen to new 30 year highs, but the Canadian Windows Mobile market is even getting a little respect from Microsoft with their recent launch of a Canadian-ized Windows Mobile launch page.


Managed Windows Mobile QR-Code Library

Many Windows Mobile Devices now come with a camera onboard. Unfortunately many of those cameras a fix focused cameras that are not setup for close up shots of things like traditional barcodes. Microsoft Research has played with using Windows Mobile devices for scanning barcodes, but the AURA beta for example required a special add on plastic lens that you needed to stick over the camera lens in order to scan. There are some other formats of barcodes that are less temperamental than the traditional parallel line style bar codes. The QR Code format is one such barcode that is becoming very popular on devices in some parts of the world. At one point Microsoft previewed a Windows Live Barcode beta that was also of this format, however Wikipedia seems to have more information on it now than the Microsoft site does. For Windows Mobile developers who are looking for a way to read QR Codes from managed code, check out one of Mark Arteaga’s OpenNetCF contritbutions, the QRCode library.


Steve Needs Help!

Steve Lombardi of the MapPoint ‘Where is Steve’ fame needs help, and in this case I don’t mean the ole ‘sure anybody who knows Steve, knows that’ kind of help.  Unfortunately his ‘Where is Steve’ page no longer appears to be live, but he is still hard at work inside Microsoft making Virtual Earth a better product for all of us. He is one of the key players behind the Live Collections functionality of Virtual Earth (aka Maps.Live.Com), and as such has recently put out an appeal to the community in the Virtual Earth Blog to ask for help seeding the system with some test collections. You can help him by creating a collection or two and sending him the link as described in his blog post.


Finding the Virtual Radio in Visual Studio

Have you been hunting for information on how to use, or configure the Virtual Radio in Visual Studio 2005? Perhaps you are trying to test receiving an SMS message, simulate an incoming phone call or debug a GPRS data connection on one of the Windows Mobile emulators in Visual Studio while you develop your latest software solution for a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC application? If you are searching on the term ‘Virtual Radio’ you might not find what you are looking for. Windows Mobile 6 SDK includes a new tool called the ‘Cellular Emulator’ instead of the ‘Virtual Radio’ that was around in the VS 2003 timeframe. Jim Wilson has created one of his handy ‘How do I’ series videos that describes how to configure your device emulator to work with the cellular emulator to establish an emulated connection that you should check out.


Time for emulator change?

Have you been looking for a way to test your Windows Mobile Standard (meaning Smartphone) application to see how well it handles the dynamic orientation changes from portrait to landscape and back again? New Windows Mobile 6 devices like the HTC S710 are out but the emulators from the WM 6 SDK refresh don’t seem to offer a way to switch the device orientation. Here is a quick and dirty how-to that will help you test if you don’t have a Smartphone device handy that is capable of dynamically switching the orientation of the screen.


Oh yeah, like this makes it easier to figure things out...

Windows Mobile for Smartphone = Windows Mobile Standard

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC = Windows Mobile Classic

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition = Windows Mobile Professional


Exploring Something Massive in Vancouver

Vancouver BC is one of the technology epicenters of Canada that attracts hi-tech companies of all sizes and is a cauldron of innovation. Leonard Brody presented a thought provoking keynote at the opening of the Massive Technology Show followed by a day of presentations from Google, Yahoo and other companies who are helping shape the real world metaverse. Read on for a short report on the conference and the keynote.


Digging into WE-DIG

Have you attended a local user group meeting lately? Have you been planning to go to a meeting, but could never find the time to attend? Maybe you just have no idea as to what goes on at a user group meeting? Here is the inside scoop on what went on at a recent WE-DIG meeting in Redmond, Washington.


Have you heard of the .Net Micro Framework?

The tiny CLR that powers the likes of SPOT watches may be making its way into other platforms as well. The DotNetCPU never seemed to get off the ground but this cool technology looks like it is going to get reborn as the .Net Micro Framework and it saw the light of day in the MEDC 2006 Summobot competition. Mobidogs has added a new section to the site to start tracking all of the interesting links and information.


Is Managed Code coming to XBox?

Could it be that mobile game developers will soon be able to run their managed mobile applications on the XBox platform with a simple recompile? Check out this blog posting for what might be an exciting development with XNA.


More platform choices for mobile device developers

With Microsoft’s announcement of the Origami Project and Ultra-Mobile PC’s (UMPC) the number of potential target devices continues to grow and a more mobile and engaging variation of the Tablet PC form factor emerges. Check out the Tablet PC sections of Mobidogs for lots of great new links to things like new emulators and other useful resources for developers.


MEDC 2006 Site Live

The 2006 Mobile and Embedded Developer conference will be held once again in Las Vegas but this time at The Venetian hotel. The registration site is live and the conference will be divided into three tracks: Application Development, Developing Windows Embedded Devices and Managing & Deploying Devices. One or more pre-conference tutorials are also planned for each track. There should definitely be something for everyone that is involved in developing or deploying Windows based mobile or embedded devices.


Do you need a Hand developing with PocketOutlook or COM Interop?

If you have had a chance to explore and play with the new API's in Windows Mobile 5.0 you may be disappointed that they require a Windows Mobile 5.0 device to run. Peter Foot from In The Hand Ltd. has released a new library that may cheer you up. His Windows Mobile In The Hand product contains numerous APIs that bring some of the new functionality to developers targeting previous generations of Windows Mobile devices. It comes in both a community and a professional edition.


Virtual Earth is Virtually Live!

Microsoft's newest member of the MapPoint product family is now available for public viewing. Virtual Earth is a cool combination of Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography, Street data, Point Of Interest data and other MapPoint goodness, plus it is a developer play. Checkout this new approach to MapPoint maps and be sure to check out the community a blog links as well.


Tablet PC section added to Mobidogs

Mobile software development covers a growing number of areas of specialty and the site was designed to grow to try and cover an increasing number of developer interests. The most recent section to be added to the site is a Tablet PC section. Please explore this new section and if you have a favourite link that you think should be listed somewhere on the site, please let us know.


= one impressive developer conference

The North American mobile developer event of 2005 was held in Las Vegas during early May and many of you were there. Read about the record attendance and get an overview of what took place and where to find more details about the content from the event.


Help Wanted

Job Listings Added to Mobidogs

We have been approached by companies asking if they could post job and contract opportunities on the Mobidogs site which our readers might be interested in, so we have added a new Job Ops link to our main page. If you are looking for opportunities in the mobile developer space or if you are looking for candidates to help in your mobile related development projects, you should check this new page out.


Do You Have a Shot at SumoBot at MEDC?

Do you know what a Sumobot is? If you plan on attending the big event of the year for Windows Mobile, CE and Windows Embedded developers, you have a chance to be the Sumobot Champ of MEDC. Based on last years competition there are things that you may want to put some thought into before arriving at the conference in Las Vegas this year.


Great Starting Point

Are you looking for your next book to read? If the subject is development with .NET Compact Framework, here is a review of a book from Addison Wesley that you may want to check out. Hear from a fellow developer about who she thinks the book is suited for and discover if it is something that would benefit you.


MEDC Site Live

Have you registered to attend Microsoft's premier mobile and embedded developer event of the year? Now two shows in one, Microsoft has combined what were previously two separate, but somewhat related developer events, MDC and EDC, into a single grand event. It looks like this one event is going to cover everything to do with developing for mobile and embedded devices including topics like Speech.NET, MapPoint and includes a Bill G keynote.


Getting Real Time with Mike Hall

During a recent trip to the Redmond campus we met up with Mike Hall and had an hour long chat about all kinds of things, including up coming developer events, as well as some of Mike's views on a number of technology fronts and the opportunities they might imply for developers. If you are interested in learning more about the mobile and embedded industry and the people that make it tick, you will enjoy this glimpse into our afternoon with Mike.


The Intel Advantage for Windows Powered Mobile Devices

Intel has posted an article by Wei-Meng Lee that discusses the heritage of the Pocket PC processor. If you are looking to gain a better understanding of the different generations of Intel chips found inside Pocket PC devices, including an overview of the feature sets of the various XScale chips,  this article may be for you.


Lightweight Logging with TextLogger

Are you looking for an easy way to log information from your Compact Framework applications? Chris Howlett wrote a simple to use class that you can use to create time-stamped log entries. Along with an overview of the features of this class and how to use it, Chris also provides the full source as well as sample projects showing it in use.


Why Mobile Gaming?

Alex has been programming games for years and he has written a number of books on the topic as well. In this short introductory piece, he ponders the issue of applying his skills to the mobile arena as he launches what is expected to become a series of articles on mobile game development . Join him as he explores different issues related to gaming on devices.


Canadian User Group Contest

Microsoft Canada is making mobile devices, smart systems and .NET the focus of the 2004 Inter Usergroup Competition. Registered MSDN Canada .NET user groups from across Canada are being given the opportunity to compete in a software design challenge that is intended to highlight and reward excellence in the field of programming. The teams that are successful in combining their own mobile client application along with their own web service to create a solution that "improves the quality of developer life" will advance through regional finals in February of 2005 to compete with other finalist for the grand prize sometime in March of 2005. Besides bragging rights, each of the members of the first place team will walk away with a new SPOT Watch...


Event Tour Stops

US MapPoint Developer Events

An MSDN Event Series is slated to visit over 100 US cities during the months of October to December. This half day event has an hour long session dedicated to "Programming with MapPoint Web Services" as well as several sessions on programming with VB.NET and ASP.NET. Attendees will also receive a DVD full of tools including a copy of the MapPoint Developer Resource Kit and a 60 day MapPoint trial.


Wireless Innovation Contest

WINBC, a wireless association based in British Columbia has recently announced that they will be holding their second annual Wireless Innovation Contest (WIC 2005). With the goal to "drive the adoption of wireless technologies in North America" the contest is looking to award a number of "wireless success stories" with targeted exposure and mentoring. There are six categories: entertainment, public sector, community, enterprise, student, and a most promising category. Entrants in this last category will be competing for access to a state-of-the-art test facility and a number of other perks that are designed to fast-track the wining ideas to become market-ready in six months. The call for entries opens October 18, 2004.


Getting Embedded into Retail

Microsoft has announced a new platform that is targeted at getting Windows XP Embedded into more checkout lines. In this case, the hope is not so much to have boxes of "Windows Embedded for Point of Service" travelling down the conveyor belt to the cash register to be sold but, instead, the idea is to make it easier for this platform to be used as the operating system that takes care of the sale.


Bell Wireless Internet Conference Report

Bell Mobility is currently Canada's largest mobile operator and they held their 2004 Annual Wireless Internet Conference in Toronto on September 22nd. This was the 6th year that they have hosted the event and you can read the impressions of one attendee in this short report.


Latest Yardstick from Handango

In Handango's most recent Yardstick report their is more evidence that the average selling price for mobile applications is on the rise. It also shows that, Pocket PC's hold the bottom four out of the top five PDA devices which people are buying software for. However, the story doesn't look as good in the phone category where unfortunately there isn't even a Windows Mobile Smartphone in the top five. The only Windows Mobile device to appear in this month's top five phones was actually the O2 Pocket PC Phone Edition device which dropped from fourth last month to fifth this month. If you are interested in finding out what the best selling applications are for Windows Mobile devices, you should take a look at the most recent Handango Yardstick Report.



Are you interested in being one of the first developers to work on a Microsoft Smart Watch application and get paid as much as $10,000 to do so? Check out the Smart Watch Request For Proposal and get your ideas submitted by September 27 October 11, 2004. Your entry might be chosen as one, of as many as ten, proposals where Microsoft will hire you to build the application for distribution to Smart Watch users. Participation is limited to developers from US and Canada.


Windows Marketplace

At this year`s World Wide Partner Conference held in Toronto, Canada, one of the most exciting topics Steve B. and the other top executives from Microsoft where talking about, was the upcoming Microsoft Marketplace. As a small ISV, I found this to be an idea with great potential to open up opportunities for companies of all sizes to reach more customers. The Internet holds great promise in simplifying distribution channels for those of us who would like to get products to market without the complication and expense of going through retail. This may be one more step towards seeing that promise fulfilled.


Visual Studio 2005 Beta

On June 29, 2004 Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1.


GameDevelopers Conference 2005 to be held in San Francisco

At the 2004 GameDevelopers Conference Microsoft announced the new XNA software development platform. GDC 2005 is bound to be the source of many of next year`s hot announcements for the gaming industry.


New MapPoint Web Service Reseller Pricing

MapPoint Value-Added Resellers now have new pricing options available to them that make it easier to provide MapPoint Web Services to their clients as part of their application.


SmartPhone Summit at CTIA in October

The Pocket PC Summit teamed up with the CTIA show last fall in Vegas. This fall at the CTIA show in San Francisco you will find the SmartPhone Summit making its debut.


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